New construction


Amis Plumbing and Heating is occupied primarily with new construction.  We have completed multifamily apartments, senior assisted living facilities, and light commercial spaces including restaurants and various tenant improvements, as well as single family custom homes in New York Counties. 

For our custom home clients, fixture consultations are available on an appointment basis.  We have a knowledgeable staff keeping current with up to date product information.  We do the research for you. For our mixed use and multifamily projects we gladly provide a bidder design opportunity, as well as experience in current market trends for affordable plumbing products.  Our Amis Plumbing and Heating has years experience in the plumbing industry and feels comfortable working with project planning experts, facilitating a cost effective and efficient plumbing project. We would be very interested to bid on any work you might have coming up.  You will find our bids competitive, providing a quality product.
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