Residential remodeling


Amis Plumbing and Heating specializes in designing and transforming your existing kitchen from its current state to an extraordinary room that reveals who you are. Whether you are interested in a custom kitchen remodel, in having a complete kitchen replacement, or renovating your Amis Plumbing and Heating of New York can build your dream kitchen from the beginning design phase all the way through the completion of your kitchen remodel. Our dedicated team of master kitchen remodelers and kitchen designers will give you magnificent results.
Amis Plumbing and Heating will remodel your kitchen, design your kitchen, or expand your kitchen to create the kitchen of your dreams! We can also create kitchen bump outs to expand your new custom designed kitchen, or redesign and enlarge your existing kitchen to achieve the look of spacious new homes. Amis Plumbing and Heating offers premier kitchen design and remodeling services for New York. 

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